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María José Romero

María José RomeroStill a painter by trade, her work resists belonging. Like an inhaled breath, her painting has grown with expectation. Her multiple exhibitions appear in spaces that have little to do with the last one and always ends up generating interesting controversy. Committed to her own time, this young artist still remembers with dignity the essence of painting, the being of art.

Her career includes twenty memorable solo exhibitions and some important group shows. She has participated in several multidisciplinary projects and collaborates with various architects in projects of spatial intervention.
Her painting, which partakes of conceptual abstraction, tends to lose itself within the figure in order, even before being conceived, to shy away from it again and to rest within the meaning of the line, contrast and transparency, all of these being features of the senses.
Her painting is a bold painting because, compared to the recent movements and non-canonical canons of contemporary art, it is independent.
She was trained academically at Boston University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, and has studied with Roberto Cortázar, Arturo Buitrón and Gustavo Aceves.

She paints concepts.


María José Romero was born on January 4, 1970 in Mexico City.


1989 to 1992. Boston University. Department of Visual Arts. Boston, Massachusetts. USA.
1989 to 1992. School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, Massachusetts. USA.
1994-1995 Synthesis and Consequences of 19th Century Art. Casa Lamm. Mexico City.
1994-1995 Modern Mexican Art History. National Arts Center. Mexico City.
2001. Encaustic Workshop. Arturo Buitrón, teacher. Mexico City.


2016. “Germinal.” Galería 526. Seminario de Cultura Mexicana. México, CDMX.
2016. “Germinal.” Instituto de México en España. España, Madrid.
2014. “Roller Coaster Manhattan.” Bushwick. NYC.
2013 "Do you Like Your Garden?" Galeriá Arte TalCual. Mexico City.
2012 "Heart Attack." In collaboration with White Spider Project, Mexico City.
2008 "Craxis." Fundación Sebastián. Mexico City.
2006 "Urantia." Galería Origina. Mexico City.
2002 "Attempts to Fly." Galería Carlos Muro Artes México. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
2003 "Vital Force." Arte Quimera Proyectos. Mexico City.
1997 "Anatomy of a Soul and Some Other Routes." Galería El Octavo Día. Mexico City.
1996 "The Sound of Light." Centro Cultural Contreras. Mexico City.
1994 "Vanity of Color." Estudio Abierto. Mexico City.


2016. "Natural" Exhibition and Auction. La Quiñonera. México City.
2015 "No Commissar." Museum of Modern Art. Estado de México. Toluca.
2015 “Naked Bloom.” Pillbox Gallery. México DF.
2014. "Magic Boxes." Exhibition and Auction. Industrial Club. México City.
2013 “Art Cures.” Exhibition and Auction. National Museum of Anthropology. Mexico City.
2011 “Espectacularte.” Galería Pi. Mexico City.
2010 “Footprints on your Ceiling.” Casa Animals. Mexico City.
2010 “Gesture: Making the Mark.” Hygienic Art Galleries. New London, CT, USA.
2009 “Subastarte.” Exhibition and Auction. Museum of Modern Art. Mexico City.
2007 “Extravaganza.” Exhibition and Auction. Galería 10/10. Mexico City.
2007. “Uno & aad.” Art, Antiques and Design. Mexico City.
“Cow Parade.” Paseo de la Reforma. Mexico City.
2006. “DeAmores.” Performance Collective. Galería Origina. Mexico City.
2005 “Four.” Galería Interior Cuatro. Mexico City.
2005. “Collective.” Atrio Gallery. Mexico City.
2001 “Creation is Power.” Centro Cultural La Pirámide. Mexico City.
2000 “Ten Years a Model.” Casa de la Cultura Juan Rulfo. Mexico City.
1997 “V Drawing Salon of Santo Domingo.” Museum of Modern Art. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
1995 “Towards the Vanguard.” Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions. Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala.
1992 “League Night.” The Art Market Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts. USA.