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i understand painting not as an applied art but as a dimension. in the act of “painting" i discover cathartic processes and non-linguistic values that challenge my intellect and urge me to seek an animated and gestural language. cave painting. my painting does not seek to portray anything. it seeks out, rather, the materialization of sensory codes and the register of impulsive states that counteract the force of reason and mental blinders.

i am, when i paint, an imperfect means for translating an inner reality that is manifested through the signs and forms of the world. i like to think that my painting is “semiotic” as it remains on a level of sign far from the verbal level. by using my body as a “conductor” and subjecting it to a process of self-induction of non-thought i build my creative discourse. my paintings are codex of immateriality or by being so small the become quick hidden samples of the invisible or undetectable.

i like to think of my paintings as “animo-graphs.” to create them i begin with a process of intellectual saturation. i fill my mind with ideas and memories, as well as data and forms. slowly my mind begins to receive emotional impulses that lead me to different states of anxiety or strength. each creation depends on my previous mood and i try not to fall into formalisms or repeating patterns. after saturation, my mind reaches a “childish” or “innocent” state and that's when i start to paint.

my general approach is a decoding of the unconscious. the redefinition of the impulse and the record of the present moment.

i want to challenge the single voice of the two-dimensional plane and break with the natural commitments of sight. to encourage the viewer to unleash their senses amidst chaos and to strip naked the paradigms of geometry. to understand that there are worlds within worlds or to forget it altogether.

maría josé romero